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For many years I have been using Photoshop and other graphics software to enhance, correct or restore photographs.

I have seen many attempts at this process with varying and sometimes terrible results where the protagonist has attempted to "paint in" details that are missing.

Recently I have been looking at the lamentable state of historic photographs in the context of damage, mould, and wear & tear through neglect and lack of preservation knowledge.

Restoration of the original plates and negatives is well nigh impossible and so we need to turn to the digital age to help keep the images alive and in some cases as an experiment, to bring them up to modern photographic standards.

One can always keep the original scan as a testament to the photograph but then clean up the file, restore colour and detail where necessary and give the public a more real and contemporary look at life from the given period.

I have already restored images for Sheffield University and in particular Professor Paul Atkinson in respect of early computer design.

This has spurred a wish to talk with various museums in Europe with a view to scanning images in the first place in an accurate and high resolution manner and then in certain cases to clean and enhance the image for modern consumption.

Restored images can be seen in the Restoration and Retouch gallery

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